@ 5:00 p.m.

Plant With a Purpose Guest Writer: Brie Arthur

An Evening with Writer Brie Arthur
4月17日:下午5点- 6点.m. 然后是招待会


In celebration of the School’s inaugural Plant With a Purpose Festival, 十大最好的网赌平台 is pleased to host writer, Brie Arthur to campus for a special presentation, “Foodscape Fusion: Pioneering a New Gardening Era.” 园艺有远见的, Brie Arthur reveals a world where plants are not just beautiful, but also functional problem solvers. In this captivating program, she will show you how everyone has the power to make a positive impact through thoughtful planting. Drawing from the wisdom within her books, she will guide you through the art of ingenious plant combinations that merge native species with creativity. Brace yourself for a symphony of colors, 口味, and textures that will revolutionize the way you see gardening. Get ready to plant the seeds of change in your garden and beyond. This program isn’t just about gardening—it’s about contributing to a brighter, 更可持续的未来. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, you’ll walk away with fresh insights and practical advice that transcend skill levels.

Parking is available in 十大最好的网赌平台’s Smith Street parking lot which is accessible via Warren Street.